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Welcome Asian Women Info. This site is dedicated to helping Asian Women to gain knowledge about the law and legal matters that affect Asian people living in the US. We aim to provide information on legal subject such as marriage, family law issues, and even dating issues as they pertain to the legal world.

This site also tries to help by providing a live feed to Asian news as it relates to related laws. The site is updated in real time, and also on a regular bases with current information, so please stop by often to keep up with the latest information of interest to Asian Women.

You will find this site interesting if you are an Asian woman who is living in the United States, and you have an interest in legal matters, the law, or lawyers. If you’re looking to hire a lawyer you may want to take a look at our lawyers page for more information on the subject.

There are countless laws in each country in Asia. Thus, different lawyers are also required in every area of law. Here are some list of different types of lawyers:

  • Family Lawyer – Handles things regarding the family, including child custody, divorce and requests for child support.
  • Corporate Lawyer – They mainly work for companies and corporations. Their primary job is to make sure that all transactions made by the corporation meet all the legal bounds.
  • Criminal Lawyer – Commonly represent those who are accused of crimes. Their main responsibility is to prove the innocence of their client. But in terms of strong evidence, the lawyer may focus in discussing a plea settlement for his client.
  • DUI Lawyer – The main job of lawyers that deal with DUI offenders is to negotiate with court to give lesser punishment.
  • General Practice Lawyer – The type of lawyer that people approaches during small disputes or if you need general legal advice. Being a notary public can also be one of their jobs.

These are just some of the most common types of lawyers. It is important to determine first what type of lawyer you need before contacting one.


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